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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

To Do List

I DID IT! I made it with 20 minutes to go. I still need to change my clothes but everything is done...and then some! I have had ZERO time for myself and I'm ready to crash but I can do that after the party.

Things I have to do before Friday at 6pm. Actually some things have to be done by the end of the day today. In no particular order...

1. Go to post office to pick up flat rate boxes and postage.
2. Pack up an order of my hand stamped goodies.
3. Deliver a SU order.
4. Drop off box to post office.
5. Go to the grocery store.
6. Finish my Christmas cards.
7. Finish last few nugget boxes (which could have been finished last night at stamp night but I forgot the dang stamp at home!).
8. Take a cute picture of the kids for Christmas cards. ***I decided to use one I took in the summer for our cards.***
9. Finish letter for the cards.
10. Make at least 50 tamales.
11. Make mexican hot chocolate.
12. Dust.
13. Vacuum.
14. Laundry.
15. Cut out millionaire mania coupons out of 2 weeks worth of newspapers before throwing them away.
16. Clean up downstairs so Caleb's therapist has a place to play with him.
17. Go to the psychologist for the last of Caleb's diagnosis. CANCELLED*
18. Attend Caleb's Christmas Program at school.
19. Buy grout and light bulbs.
20. Finish the grouting in the kitchen.
21. Go to tithing settlement.
22. Decorate Christmas tree.
23. Play with the kids.
24. Remember all the things I still have to do but forgot to put on this list.
25. Clean the bathroom.
26. Finish sewing up the "N" ornaments that people have ordered.
27. Go to Caleb's school on Friday morning to work with him one on one in a "neutral" setting.
28. Call in prescription.
29. Pick up prescription.

I though making this list would make me feel better and make the tasks seem easier to accomplish. It didn't. When I get the chance (or feel like more procrastinating), I'll bold the items that I've actually completed.

*I actually looked up whether or not to use one "l" or two for this word and either are acceptable, although two "l"s is most common for the British. Today I please myself by using that spelling. Humour me. It is my vain attempt to procrastinate just a wee bit.


  1. Hey I just thought of a cute idea for your christmas picture of the kids (my parents used to do this). . . .just take a snap shot of them sleeping, then you can put a little saying that says "while visions of sugar plums danced in their heads. . . ." whatcha think??

    Making a blog list is a great idea, I'm a total list maker (I get it from my mom!). . .my list keeps growing. .

    How's the kitchen tile look? Is it all layed since your #20 says finish grouting? yippee!

  2. I might just copy your list idea! I need a list...the next few days will be crazy!Good luck to you...I have to go finish your gift will love it! I am so proud of myself!

  3. Anonymous11:20 AM

    Wendy- I love the snap shot of the kids sleeping idea... that is so cute.

    I am a big list maker too and my favorite part is crossing things off. Sometimes I like to add something like "eat lunch" if my list is full of mundane things just so I can cross something off. It's a great motivator. I was wondering if L in laundry is bolded b/c you have completed some of the laundry..??? You are great Christy and I don't know what I would do without ya! :)

  4. My list looks much like yours (some of the items are exactly the same, in fact), but I feel fortunate that I have until Saturday at 6pm to finish mine. I'm not as much of a multi-tasker as you are, I think.

    Good luck! I'm sure you'll accomplish an amazing amount of stuff in the next 2.5 days.

  5. P.S. I think you're Wonder Woman for making 50 tamales by yourself!

  6. Ouch. That looks like a big job. Since I got all huffy about Santa :-), I'll cheer you on now.

    Go, Christy, Go! (See me do a hurky). Get those items checked off!! (See me do a kick--up by my ear) Tis the season! (And a big flip to finish it off)

    Now I'll go ice my knee from all that hard work.

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. Anonymous8:58 AM

    No time to blog? Man, I know you are busy!

  9. Congratulations! You're almost there. This is a fun idea.

    You inspired me to get a bunch of stuff done yesterday, but I'm exhausted today. Good for you for keeping up the pace.

  10. Lady, you're cookin'! My list progress is completely shameful compared with yours.

    Have a fantastic time at your party!

  11. Yay!!! We had a party tonight here too. But I wouldn't have dared posted my to-do list. You go!! I hope you had a great evening.

  12. Janet3:59 PM

    Whew! What a list. I understand the feeling. Hope the party was fun.