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Tuesday, December 12, 2006


We're spending Christmas at my mom's house this year. She's just redone their house and they've got a hot tub now. Bonus. Plus, the kids love the chickens, ducks, dogs, swingset, etc...

Yesterday my mom tried to guilt me into making sure the kids had something from Santa on Christmas day (mom-you can defend youself in the comments if you must). My kids have no idea who Santa is. Caleb just barely heard his name this year because of preschool. They also don't know when Christmas day is. So, what's the big deal? I did actually get them a present from Santa this year (a mini trampoline) but it's not something I want to haul to Oklahoma just so they can have it on Christmas day. Here is my mom's rationale:

1. The kids will ask me years from now what Santa got them for Christmas when they were little. I will be forced to tell them "nothing".

2. We will have no video or pictoral evidence of them getting presents from Santa on Christmas.

3. Am I missing anything? I think that may have been about it.

Okay, fine. I'll get them something for them to have on the ACTUAL day. We can put it under the tree and take their pictures. Lots of pictures. I'll bring their stockings, too (assuming I finish Eva's in time). We'll hang those by the tree, too.

What? No tree! My mom told me she wasn't planning on putting up a tree. HOW IS SANTA GOING TO KNOW WHERE TO PUT THE PRESENTS? All I know is that if I'm hauling presents from Santa to Oklahoma, he better know I'm there and bring me my Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest DVD (the EXPENSIVE one with all the bonus features).


  1. That's so sad Christy! This year I am soooo excited for Christmas just because of how excited Logan will be. He's at an age where he is starting to understand things.I love Christmas too though, so i want it to be memorable for my kids. I don't want any grudges when they get older that they didn't have any fond Christmas memories. I hope you have a good time at your mom's.Being with family is important, and I am sad that it will just be us this year.

  2. Hey, who needs a tree when you've got a hot tub, I KNOW that's where Santa would stop anyway!!

  3. Anonymous9:32 AM

    Well, I think I'm on the side of no Santa. Sorry, Christy's Mom!

    Dave is now 4 and I could never bring myself to tell him about a big, fat man coming into his house in the night. We all know he's a little sensative.

    And yes, we also subscribe to that idea that someday they will discover that the Tooth Fairy is not real, Santa is not real, but yes Jesus is real. We're extremists, but we do still celebrate Halloween.

  4. No tree?! That is sad. I agree with you, they won't remember if and what santa brought them, they are still little. My parents always made sure that the gift from them was the bigger/better than the one from santa... Its fun to have the magicalness of santa, but I'm trying to make sure they know why we have Christmas. Jesus is the reason for the season! I hope you have a good trip and time with family.

  5. Anonymous11:20 AM

    Has anyone ever asked their parents what they got from Santa when they were two? I know I never have. And if I found out that it was nothing I can't say that I'd be that upset about it. Finding out about Santa wasn't that traumatic for me either. I think I was kind of relieved. And then I could feel like I was in on something with the grownups because I knew about it.

    We're doing Santa this year because Bruce is into it now and Santa did drive down the street in a firetruck recently. The only problem is that the one toy that Bruce really wants isn't available anywhere.

  6. Um, I remember loads of stuff from when I was 4 years old and Nathan clearly remembers stuff from last Christmas. Caleb isn't a baby anymore. Santa I suppose is a personal decision, but I do think that Christmas should be a distinct time of year and should be magical. I love seeing my children's delight with the whole season. Nathan waited all last week to take his Pikachu ornament to the Ward Christmas party to show Santa because he knew he'd love it.

    When John told Ben about Santa Claus and who the real St. Nick was, Ben was delighted that parents want to keep the spirit of anonymous, selfless giving alive. I think breaking the myth can be a good experience if handled properly.

    I thought you'd really get into getting your kiddos gifts. I know how much you love to do secret pals and such.

  7. Anonymous3:23 PM

    How many hints are you going to keep leaving about the gifts you want???

  8. anonymous---I have a whole blog dedicated to gifts so it's not really hinting, is it? FYI: My ipod shuffle is so "last year". I could really use an updated one that just clips on the clothes. Or...a nano. Itunes gift card? Peace on Earth.

    Tiffany--Caleb is certainly big enough but the whole concept of Christmas is still a little much for him. He understands just barely more than Eva. I'm keeping Santa out of it for now. I'm certainly not against Santa. I've been good all year (sheep tape measure, please). He did kind of get the "It's Jesus' birthday" explanation we gave him last year. We had birthday cake and sang "Happy Birthday" to Jesus. I think we're going to stick with that for now.

    Mary--good point about Dave. That was funny.

  9. Anonymous9:10 PM

    Tiffany-Pretty soon I might need a little of the text John shared with Ben about the real St. Nick. I think we've still got this year left, but only because I've threatened my nieces within an inch of their lives about blowing the whistle. My mom had a strict rule about Santa not bringing presents to people who didn't believe. In a way, I still believe-at least in the spirit of it all.

    Having said that, we obviously didn't do much for Natalie's first Christmas (10 days old) and anything we did for the next couple of years was more for her than for us. If Caleb doesn't get it just yet, then I think it's your call. But I think this is your last Christmas to get away with it. ;>)

    And you know better than to ask me to take sides in an argument between you and your mom when I know she's reading this. (Hi Mom!)

  10. This is turning into quite the serious discussion. I was really just posting this because I thought it was funny that my mom wanted me to take Christmas "seriously" and then she wasn't following her own advice!

    I went a little crazy Caleb's first Christmas...for me!

    I got the Little People nativity in the mail today (thanks Grandma and Grandpa Nelson and the uncles!) so we're going to start working on that before we tackle Santa. Good times.

  11. Christy, you're an amazing mom. Trust your instincts. You know what's best for your little ones!