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Friday, December 29, 2006

Car Update

Still no decisions made. The Trooper is off the list. It drove too much like a truck for me. Kind of bouncy. One dealer tried to sell us a Scion Xb today. Have you seen these cars? They are like little boxes. I am so not cool enough to drive one of those. My sister would have been totally jealous, though.

We haggled the price of the 2005 higher mileage van down as low as we are going to get it. We know the mileage was all highway and it was a company vehicle that had regular service. The stow and go is so appealing...I can stow one of the captain's chairs and separate the kids into separate rows if needed with little effort. We can also haul Carl's wood when we need to. I'm sure he's thinking about all the stuff he'll be able to pick up off the side of the road. We're going to look at some other places in the morning but unless there is some amazing deal, we'll probably get the 2005.

Once all of this mess is over with, I'll be back to "normal" blogging with a holiday trip report. I'm sure you all can't wait to hear about all the good stuff we got.


  1. I can't tell what your price range is from what's been said so far, but I just picked up a car flyer at the drug store. At Le Auto Center they have advertised a 2004 Toyota Sienna LE, "one-owner, 76k, all options" for $13,900. Le Auto's address is 941 N 48th and their phone number is 466-4556.

    The Sienna and Honda Odyssey are rated higher than the Chrysler vans in most reviews including Consumer Reports. You can't beat Toyota and Honda reliability and gas mileage. Of course, at this point, you may have already decided. Good luck!

  2. Alan (or Rachel?)--Carl's too cheap to fork over money for a Toyota or a Honda (at least for me...he has a Honda). That sounds like a pretty reasonable price for that, though. We just bought something today. It's a great story that I'll be sharing with blogland early next week.