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Sunday, December 17, 2006

Personal Style

For the first time in my married life, Carl is employed full time and we have a house of our own. We moved into this great house that is already painted in colors that I love. There are some exceptions, of course. I'm interested in re-doing our bedroom and bathroom but the rest of the house is pretty much how I want it. The problem? We have never purchased our own furniture (exceptions to that as well...we bought a computer desk). All our furniture is from the side of the road or hand me downs from family and friends. I'm ready to grow up and get some furniture of my own.

In my quest for my own furniture, I'm trying to come up with my personal style. This has never been really important to me before but now I can't stop thinking about being a homeMAKER. I want to make a home. I'm going to come up with a plan for the next year to make my home how I want it. Little by little I'm going to work on my spaces. The kitchen floor was kind of the catalyst for that. Good motivation.

Here are some of the things that are inspiring me.

I'd really like to get a new couch. I love this shape. The colors in this bathroom make me really happy. Giddy happy. Like I must go out and fill my linen colors with all of these towels happy.

I have a ledge going along the whole wall in our family room. I'd love to get some pretty things to put on there (besides my pepsi cans and knitting projects) and I like how this picture shows some nice options.


  1. We need pictures of the kitchen floor. I want to see the final project (without an 8 hour car trip).

    Any chances you'll have time to come by why you are down this way?

  2. Tiffany-I'm sure we can plan to stop by. We won't be able to stay too long because we don't really have a place to stay around there anymore. We have to make it a day trip from Tulsa.

    Kitchen floor pictures are on the docket for tomorrow!

  3. I also cannot wait to MAKE my home, MY home. I want to repaint things, and get new couches as well. We also need to finish the basement. We have a lot of projects on our list!

  4. Shelves are so in right now, how nice you have one built it!

  5. We just spent more than I care to mention filling up some of the extra space in our new, larger house. Sometimes you have to be willing to take out the checkbook. I think you should take Carl shopping for furniture...imagining his reactions to how much such things cost makes me smile.

    After I'm done having fun at his expense, I need to tell you to be nice to him on this subject. You and I both know that he'd be happy to live the rest of his life with second-hand furniture.

  6. Christy-
    We won't be home this year, but consider our rec room with it's futon, queen-sized Coleman air mattress, and lots of room for things like porta-cribs and sleeping bags YOUR personal space at my house when you are in the Norman area. Seriously, we had visions of being able to host out-of-town guests there before we even made an offer on the house. It will become even more comfy as we get more furnishings up there in the years to come. (For that matter, I should just leave a key under the mat while we're gone, but I'm embarrassed at the mess it will be once we've packed up for AZ.)

  7. Melessa--I'll most definitely take you up on that offer sometime in the future! You're only one exit away from my dad...can't beat that.