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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Christmas Program

Last week we went to Caleb's school for the Christmas program. I was too busy crossing things off of my to-do list to blog about any sooner.

Caleb was a great singer and a dancer. It was standing room only in the cafeteria and there wasn't a stage so it was hard to see everything. We were in a spot where we had a pretty good view of Caleb but he was right in the middle so if any other parents wanted to get up close to take pictures, they blocked our view. I didn't get many good shots of him during the show.

Before the program there were a couple of family activities we could do. We made a wreath from a paper plate and some tissue paper. Eat your heart out, Martha! Eva was content to steal Noah's plate and make it into a hat. I think she was jealous of Caleb's Rudolph hat. They made those at school.

They had the refreshments out before the end of the program so it was hard to keep Eva away from them. She got her hands on an Oreo and it kept her quiet during part of the program but we had to deal with this cuteness.


  1. Love Eva's chocolate face, it looks familiar (see my current posting). Sam even managed to get a chocolate handprint on the couch, he's so good.

  2. Sometimes treats are the only way to go if you want your kids to behave for even just a short while. I had to spend time finishing some Christmas cards today, so my poor kid had like 3 bowls of white cheddar popcorn while watching t.v. He was happy...but I didn't even feed him lunch! Terrible! He actually ate dinner willingly though.