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Saturday, December 10, 2005

Finishing Master

I took a class at my local yarn store and I am now a finishing master. I've got some mad skills now. Watch out. I apologize to anyone that received anything from me that had to be seamed (mainly Deanna). I totally sucked at seaming things up. Not now! Need something mattress stitched? I'm your gal. One of the bad things about learning how to knit from a book is that sometimes things look a littly wonky on the page....translating to some wonkiness in the stitching.

In other news...I found out the store is having a knit-a-long for a Dale of Norway Olympic collection sweater. Instead of doing the Torino sweater, they chose the 2002 Salt Lake sweater because it had a more appealing design to those in the shop. Here are the two colorway choices.

I know that Sugar Daddy would never wear something like this and I'm not really the ski sweater type (see this post's #1) but I really want to make this. So, what should I do? Should I find somebody that wants a sweater like this but doesn't want to make it themselves and have them buy the kit and have me make it? Do I just make it and enjoy my handiwork? Do I become the type of person that wears ski sweaters? Help!


  1. I think you should start wearing ski sweaters! How nice it'll be for you to make something for yourself.

  2. Deanna8:53 AM

    Christy you know I am complaining about the quality of our items... I took a picture yesterday as Timothy wore his sweater to church. I think you should make the second sweater for yourself just because you can. Still waiting for baby to be born with all types of last minute drama. Hopefully all will go well :)

  3. Loser9:37 AM

    You don't have to be a skier to dress like one....

  4. Loser--would I look like a dork wearing a sweater like this. I know you'll tell me the truth (you always do!).