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Saturday, December 31, 2005

We're BACK!

We're back in Lincoln after a whirlwind trip to Utah. Here are some of the highlights.

1. Whenever we go to church sites, we ALWAYS see someone we know. This year it was a family from my former branch in Oklahoma, the other Nelson family. I saw Gayle and Lyle and got caught up on all of the Blanchard Branch gossip (Melessa--you were safe! I don't know if she knows that I know you...know what I mean?)

2. The drive through Nebraska and Wyoming leaves much to be desired. However, we left super early in the morning and that helps with the kids. But, no matter what time we leave or which way we are headed, Big Apple will reach her breaking point about 1 hour before our final destination and not stop crying until we get there.

3. My brother-in-law Eric is one lucky guy. He snagged himself an awesome wife (with a little help from myself and my friend, Gigi). The wedding was great and they didn't mind that the Frog preferred cleaning up the rose petals on the way down the aisle instead of scattering them.

4. The Plaza hotel on Temple Square wasn't too great about having our reservations. But, as soon as we could give them a confirmation number...they were good to situate us in a big enough room at a cheap enough rate. Connie, my new (and only) sister-in-law, handled the arrangements and we thank her!

5. Elder Eyring and some of his family were in front of the yarn store I visited while I was there. I would like to think that he was buying yarn to knit up into lovely scarves or hats but I have a sneaky suspicion that he was really visiting the bridal store located right beneath it. Some grandkid of his must be getting married. Maybe I should knit them something? :)

6. I don't HAVE to visit Temple Square every time I go to Salt Lake City. In fact, just seeing it outside the window of the hotel was enough for me.

7. I'm grateful for the in-laws that I have (and I'm not just saying this because I know they read this blog). They would never try to force feed my baby the kinds of food she doesn't eat yet (like carrot sticks).

8. I had the best elk meatloaf in my whole life. Okay, it was the only time I've ever had meatloaf made from elk but it was DELICIOUS! My uncle Jeff killed it himself. He said something to the effect that I can make socks and he can make great meatloaf. It's true.

9. Mountains are highly overrated. Really. What's the big deal about living by the mountains? They get in the way of where you are going and make you carsick.

10. I took knitting orders for my side of the family for next year's Christmas. I've already started on one of the gifts. If I haven't taken your order yet...start looking for what you would like me to make for you (Nelsons---this means you. Mom, Lisa, etc...). I was having a hard time coming up with things to make these past couple of weeks so I thought I would knit for other people again. We'll see how this works out.

That's about it from here. I didn't take hardly any pictures because we kind of had our hands full. I'm sure I'll get some copies from the wedding and what other people took for us. I'll share them when I get them. In the meantime, have a Happy New Year! I'll be back tomorrow with my plans for Project Fat Arse 2006.


  1. What a woman to drive to Utah!

    Perhaps it was Elder Eyring's child that is getting married. He has a daughter that lives in Noble (married to Josh Peters; his mom and my parents were baptized at the same time--only reason I know who they are). Anyway she is a few years younger than us. Don't know much else about that fam. Just adding such vital information :-).

  2. That was a fast trip to Utah!!! I think it could have been a child of his too. He still has some young-ish ones.

    Glad that you are all home safe and sound.:-)

  3. Janet5:20 PM

    Thanks for the suggestion about next Christmas. We'll give it some thought. (Well, at least I will.) Glad you had a safe trip home. It was marvelous to see you again. I DON'T want to wait another year.....