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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Pajama Party Part II

Okay, so I'm not really in my pajamas again. I was supposed to have a Relief Society presidency meeting tonight so I actually showered and got dressed. At 10am the president called and said it was cancelled. This is okay since it has been snowing most of the day and it is still darn cold. I am getting a little crazy staying inside so much, though. I'll have to ask Sugar Daddy how bad the road really are and maybe I'll venture out this evening to run an errand or two. I'm not even getting a lot done. I'm a wrestling referree most of the day trying to keep Frog from killing Big Apple. He's just playing but she's not tough enough for his kind of play. So, I keep on my toes most of the day. BA is eating right now so she's out of harm's way in her crib. I've got Frog subdued with his latest "favorite"---the episode of Lazy Town where they sing their greatest hits. Now he goes around the house saying, "My favorite song is called the 'It's Mine!' song!". He's only told me his chicken joke once today.


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