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Monday, December 26, 2005

Kid Pics

Sugar Daddy took some pics of the kids this morning. Big Apple was playing with Frog's guitar before her bath so we caught her in the act. Frog was eating one of his many apples a day. That kid can't get enough apples.

We're leaving tomorrow to go to Eric's wedding. I should be able to post while I am gone. We're taking the laptop. Whether or not I have the time, that will be the big question.


  1. Christy, just a little post-Christmas question for you?? Do you have any elf shoes?? HMMM. ..

  2. What are elf shoes? If I don't have some already, I bet I can knit them! :)

  3. Ok, I had to ask. . .we had a "Christmas Elf" this year that left lots of christmas goodies and cute little things for the kiddos. . .I thought maybe you had given yourself away with the teddy bear shaped rice krispy treats, I remembered that you had said that you liked to mold fun little shapes on your 100 things post. . .anyway. . .

  4. I am the queen of Rice Krispy Treats. That much is for sure. But, I'm too much of a lazy butt to do too many Christmas goodies. You'll learn that about me soon enough! :)

  5. I think I would win the lazy-butt competition hands down. Or at least butt down, sitting here at my computer here allllllll daYYYYY!!