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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

The Hostess With the Mostest

This is my first year as Mrs. Dr. Sugar Daddy. We had a Christmas party for his grad students tonight. It went smashingly. The tamales were SO YUMMY!!!!! I was so pleased how they turned out. I'm going to be making them more often now that I've got the skills and an awesome tamale steamer. We also had chips, salsa, and mexican hot chocolate. A couple of SD's students brought treats. Yum yum. Why is it that I love the corn flake holly berry treats so much? I can't get enough of them. Mmmmm.

The entertainment (unplanned) included a piano duet by Sugar Daddy and myself. We are performing it in church in a couple of weeks so it's not that great. That was NOT the highlight of the night. Picture this: Frog dancing to Napoleon Dynamite. Oh yeah. Pelvic thrusts and all. That kid has some talent.

Big Apple had immunizations and her second flu shot yesterday. Couple that with major teething and we've got one unhappy baby. She hasn't slept more than an hour or two at a time for the past 48 hours. Aargh! She is over 22 lbs now and has graduated to her big girl car seat. That means we've got to put Frog in a booster. It's about time. I know he's been over 40 pounds for a while but he just seems too little to me to be out of a "real" car seat. You know, one with the 5 point harness, etc...

Tomorrow we are taking the family to Omaha to Winter Quarters if....Sugar Daddy can get the oil filter off the van. He's been cursing Wal-Mart all day for screwing on the filter too tight. He's had to buy tools and be under the van most of the day. He's going to try one more time tomorrow morning and then we'll be forced to call in for reinforcements. I hope it is fixed soon. I kind of need that van.


  1. I wish I was at Hotel Nelson! I totally relate to the booster seat thing. Dave just moved up into a booster cause Liz was too tall for her seat (they make them for 30 pounders too, lucky for us, we almost ended up with two toddler seats). It freaks me out that Dave isn't in a five point anymore. He keeps leaning over and squirming around. I liked it better when he was strapped in like a fighter pilot.

  2. Ah, the booster seat, my Molly (almost 5), still weighs in at a mere 37.5 pounds. . . I tell her she'll just be in a regular carseat until 3rd grade, and a booster until 8th grade, no big deal!!

  3. Mmm! I wanna be one of SD's students. (Pausing to ROTFL at the thought of me doing anything related to the field of engineering.) I'm worried Elisa will need Caroline's booster before she's ready to move on. Natalie will still be in one by jr. high, I'm thinking...

  4. oh can i come stay at hotel nelson? sounds like fun sorry i missed frog dancing! "GOSH" LOL i love that movie!

  5. I can only imagine the dancing... he he he. Leah moved into a big girl carseat right before out "big trip". I think she knows she is a big girl now too... Such big presonalities for such little people;-) We have two now in the same seats... they arn't even 10 lbs apart... Gabe is tiny...they even wear the same size diapers... I think they might even potty train at the same time... He shows NO intrest. Its a bummer really.

    I think I'm in the mood for mexican *grin* yummy