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Sunday, December 04, 2005

Wasting Time

How many blogs can I read before I feel the pressure to do a load of laundry so we have some clean clothes to wear tomorrow?

Why am I on the computer when I should be doing the finishing touches on my Christmas cards (pounding eyelets)?

Why am I surfing the net when I should be clearing off the table so we can eat at it once in a while?

Apparently, because I laugh in the face of organization...and I can!


  1. Instead of doing dishes and wrapping Christmas gifts and knitting a present I'm reading your blog...

  2. Oh, quilty! That's not wasting time at all! ha ha

  3. Anonymous4:24 PM

    Hey Christy,
    I mailed out your package today, it should be there sometime within the next week or so.

    ~your sp

  4. Anonymous11:01 AM

    Sounds like depression to me.