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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

More Finished Objects

FO #39 I'm more pleased with the colors now but I don't like how this hat fits. It makes me look like I have a watermelon on my head. I probably won't wear it much. Maybe I'll have to use my leftovers and make a headband. That would look better with my new haircut anyway.

FO #40 is another mini sweater. No picture to show of that one.

FO#41 Before felting:

And after. Unfortunately I wasn't very good at capturing the size difference. Here is a close-up of the mittens. I didn't do them exactly right. I don't have the pattern centered perfectly. I didn't read the instructions for the women's size (I used the child size measurements when centering) until it was too late. It's not too bad. Don't tell anyone, okay?

I also have a WIP to announce. It's a sweater for Frog. I'm making it out of Bernat 70% acrylic 30% cotton. I used yarn before on a baby dress and I really liked how it feels when it is all knit up. It is also machine washable, which is a plus. I'm making this so I can have something to seam up at the finishing class I am taking at the LYS. I was going to make a sweater for myself but decided that would take too long. I'm barely finding the time to blog lately. I know, the horror of it all.
Here's the purse I commissioned from Shop ESCAPE. I used it all Thanksgiving break (luckily it showed up the day before we left). You can check out her blog at My Escape from the Boys. The purse turned out just like I had hoped (better, in fact). I love the fabrics, the clasp, the size, etc...

1 comment:

  1. I am so relieved you like it, Christy! It was really hard to part with - LOVE those stripes.