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Friday, November 04, 2005

And the Winner Is...

Sugar Daddy held the bowl of names (eight of them) and I drew one. SAMANTHA wins! Email me your address and I'll get a package out to good old greater Lafayette for you. Haven't you been lucky with drawings lately? I seem to remember you having won something not long ago. Congrats! She was one of a few people (ahem...Tiffany, the self-proclaimed over achiever) that actually looked up the correct answers. Here they are for the rest of you.

1. What was the first knitting project I finished after I started the blog?
Frog's red sweater.

2. What is the first recipe I posted on the blog?

Cornbread casserole

3. Name one of my "resolutions" for 2005.

Lose 50 lbs. (not gonna happen), get another kid (happened), read more, etc...

4. I had a "Name the Baby" contest in Feb 2005. What was the winning name?

Eva. Okay, Ava. But, we decided to use the Spanish spelling (it is pronounced just like Ava).

5. What is my favorite soap opera?

All My Children

6. What movie did we get Big Apple's nickname from?

Evita from the song that goes, "I want to be a part of B-A Buenos Aires....Big Apple".

7. What was my "career" before I became a famous stay at home mom blogger?

Spanish teacher and Pampered Chef queen

8. How old did I turn this year?

30! Although, my mom would prefer if I were 16. She's not old enough to have a 30 yr. old daughter.

9. Name one of the places that granted Sugar Daddy an interview (besides the Univ. of Nebraska).

UT-Arlington, SUNY-Stony Brook, Univ. of South Florida

10. Who is my favorite singer of all time?

11. What does PFA stand for?

Project Fat Arse

12. What was Big Apple's pirate name?

Bloody Pegs

Bonus: About how many posts have I made in the past year? 258!


  1. WooHOo! Thanks for hosting the contest. I was at an advantage I remembered some of the answers. :-)

  2. ok, I was going to just look up all the answers but yeah, you know how it is to have an 8 month old. . . ok, I'm just a slacker, but I did know a few.

    I forgot to mention how I knew for sure you had been a Pampered Chef gal, when your SD was over helping up with the siding and we had lunch, I had my PC Pitcher with water, and he actually called it by it's "official" name (I can't remember it myself). I thought it was so cute.

  3. Oh, Wendy! It's a Quik-Stir pitcher. :) We have a couple of them and I always call them that so it's no wonder he knew.