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Thursday, November 10, 2005

I Can't STOP!

The grey one was leftover wool-ease and the striped one came from none other than the Teletubby hats. I really love the way the striped one turned out but weaving in all the ends made this one take twice as long as the single color sweaters. For those who are counting (just me, I'm sure) this brings my year long FO tally up to 30.

Sugar Daddy is in agreement that our tree would look awesome decked out in mini sweaters (and I may make some mini mittens and scarves...but I don't know if I'll have time). I just need to come up with a color scheme. Should I just make a ton of little red sweaters? Blue? They will be on my tree with plain silver ball ornaments and white lights. Any suggestions?

This addition to my crafting "schedule" has been taking away time from card making and stocking making. I'm not done with Big Apple's stocking. I make the felt applique stockings with all of those beads and sequins. I blame Tiffany. She made them for her family and I fell in love with them. Darn it, Tiffany.

Oh, I forgot to mention...I should probably clean up the house a little bit. SD's brother and regular blog commenter, Eric, is coming to visit this weekend and he's bringing along his lovely fiance. I'm sure it will be a great visit clean house or not---and really, how clean can a house be when you've got 2 kids on the loose?


  1. Deanna11:18 AM

    You could make a long thin scarf of garland rather that multiple little ones -just a thought. I know it will look cute. WLHC was a huge hit this year with food from cajun connection and WLFI in attendance as well.

  2. Love the mini sewaters! hate all the ends that need to be sewed in, last year I had an issue with that. ugh stinkin ends. Have a fun weekend with your houseguests. In answer to your last question... it could be clean, for about 3 seconds:-) then you just have to start all over again.

  3. Anonymous9:06 AM

    you're are over the edge :)

  4. Dear Mom,

    I get it from you.


  5. Loser8:49 AM

    Clothes pins would be cute on your tree too!