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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Do You Think It Will Fit?

Can this sweater be any cuter? It is from Last Minute Knitted Gifts and I used up some of my leftover wool-ease from the Harry Potter sweaters. It really did take less than 2 hours to make. I finished while Big Apple was taking a nap and I was watching Evita. This ends up being FO# 28 for the year. Not bad. I'll probably be knitting up a bunch of these to put with some Christmas gifts. Sugar Daddy is going to make some little hangers to go inside so they can hang on a tree, or whatever.


  1. I worked at Gap about a million years ago. One year they had tiny sweaters, mittens and scarfs on the trees. It was SO CUTE. You could do a really cute tree with these......

    Good Job. I am proud of you teaching yourself to know.

  2. That would be my kind of tree! I don't have very good decorations so maybe I'll have to get knitting. We finally have a Christmas tree that's bigger than 3 feet. We have it out of the box at the moment but I haven't put it where it needs to be yet. I hope the kids don't destroy it.

  3. Deanna1:17 PM

    Christy I think a christmas tree would be so cute... As far as tree detruction we are experts only plastc balls - nothing glass. Knitted items would be safest. Also I think Barbie has hangers that you can purchase for her so Carl would not have to make. FYI still waiting on baby due to mild pr-eclampsia could be induced right after Thanksgiving. Deanna