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Sunday, November 06, 2005

The Latest Meme

I've been tagged by Melessa. It's the 24 hour meme. You list something significant that happened in your life for each hour of the day.

12:00am--This is the time I wish it was around 10pm every New Year's Eve. I hardly ever stay up. I just figure it's midnight somewhere and then go to bed.

1:00am--I can't think of a single significant thing that ever happened to me between 1am-2am. I try to be asleep as much as possible.

2:00am--If I wake up in the night, this is usually when it happens. I almost always have to go to the bathroom and sometimes I can't go back to sleep. I knit or watch infomercials and pray to get tired.

3:00am--Big Apple was born at this glorious hour. We had been waiting at the hospital since about 10pm. I had finally decided to take out my knitting and I told SD, "Watch, as soon as I get started on this...the baby will be born". Before I took my first stitch, BA's birthgrandmother came in the waiting room and said, "Es una niƱa".

4:00am--See 1:00am.

5:00am--I used to get up this early to be able to make it to school on time. I was on the academic team and we met early in the morning before classes. It paid off. We were the 1992 High School 2A State Champions (Oklahoma). Let me tell you...that has really helped me in life.

6:00am--This was the hour we met our first child, Frog. He was born the day before but we had to drive all night from Indiana to Oklahoma. When we got to the hospital, I held him and didn't ever want to put him down!

7:00am--I had a 7:30am class during college (a couple, actually). One night, SD, a friend (Kim) and I stayed up all night talking and we went to go see the sunrise at the top of Dale Hall Tower. Then, Kim and I went to our 7:30am class...or did we? Sugar Daddy asked me out for the next night and we've been an item ever since. Well, for those of you that know the story I'm leaving out Charlie and Karen. Technically we were still an item during all of that drama.

8:00am--This is when my day usually starts around here. Frog and BA are just getting up.

9:00am--This is when my school day used to start when I was teaching. Last year I taught 8th grade World Languages and Spanish II.

10:00am--When I was a freshman in college I watched The Price is Right every day.

11:00am--Around this time of day I usually try to get something done around the house. Big Apple is usually napping and the Frog can be easily distracted with his music or a DVD.

12:00pm-- All My Children. Although, now I can use the DVR and watch it whenever I want.

1:00pm--Y time! When I go to the YMCA, it is usually at 1pm. That way, when I leave at 3pm...if Frog is going to take a nap (rarely), he usually falls asleep in the car.

2:00pm--When I was a missionary in Mexico, we had our "dinner" appointments at this time. We ate one meal a day with members and this was it. We also weren't allowed to go back to the house for a later meal so we didnt' get another meal until we got home at 9pm. Don't feel too bad. The Mexican people were always very generous and fed us something at almost every appointment. We were never hungry, that's for sure. Maybe that's why even with all of the walking we did, I gained weight during that 18 months.

3:00pm--School's out! That magical hour when the final bell would ring and we could leave the building. Can you tell if I'm talking about when I was a student or a teacher? I think it evokes the same feelings either way.

4:00pm--Uh, Oprah? I must admit, I don't really watch it anymore. But there was a time when I was obsessed. Remember my Oprah post on how to get tickets? I'd still like to see her again in person. That was always fun.

5:00pm--This is the wonderful time of day when I know that Sugar Daddy is going to come home any minute.

6:00pm--When I'm on the ball, I have dinner ready.

7:00pm--Most of my nightly activities would start at this time. Book group, Life Makeover Group, Girl's Night Out, etc...

8:00pm--This is when I wish the kids went to bed. Big Apple is usually down during this hour but the Frog is another story.

9:00pm--As a missionary, this is was the hour that we needed to be back to our apartments. In some of my areas, we would have to be on the bus by 9pm at the latest to be able to make it back by our 9:30pm deadline.

10:00pm--I try to go to bed between 10pm and 11pm. Most nights that works out.

11:00pm--If I'm awake at this time it's because I'm working on a project or I've had too much Wild Cherry Diet Pepsi.

That's it! I finished. Now it's time to tag some people. How about MARY, Jessica, Wendy, and any of the Lincolnknitters group? The lincolnknitters will have to give me their blog addresses so I can read them, though.


  1. Loser9:38 AM

    As you are driving into the grand city of Washington, there are signs up recognizing our football championships, softball championships, basketball championships.....but I do not recall seeing a sign for the Academic Team of 1992. Someone should make a phone call or write a letter.

  2. cool i've never been tagged before, i just hope blogger lets me post... yesterday was a different story, bad bad blogger.

  3. Loser--you're not kidding! We got no respect.