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Thursday, November 17, 2005

And So It Begins...

Big Apple took her first step today. She just turned 8 months old on Monday. She's been standing up without holding onto anything for about a week now and then just sitting back down. Today, she decided to move her little feet. I imagine I'll have another full-fledged walker on my hands before she turns 9 months. She is, after all, my freakishly strong little girl.


  1. Anonymous10:57 AM

    Your Mother needs a picture of this!

  2. Good luck! i think you might need it now:)I think L might be following soon after big apple. I don't remember G doing the thing she is doing so soon... maybe that first year was just a blur, who knows.

  3. Frog wasn't even crawling when he was this age. BA is just doing everything faster. I wonder if it's because she's got a big brother to keep up with (or get away from)?

  4. That is what BOTH of my kids did. Walked at 9 months. Started walking on furniture some where around 7-8 months. The only hard part is that they don't understand NO yet and they can get into MUCH more trouble. She is a cutie though.

    Jacob was also freakishly strong. I can't believe that you used the same description......

  5. Girls just bloom earlier. Frog and BA are a lot faster than their daddy was! (Not his fault) How about a picture?

  6. Deanna7:40 AM

    Christy I knew that this would happen. Claire does everything earlier than Tim did. Claire only did the short steps for a week and then she was running literally. Claire is 17 months and can count to 8 I know Tim did not do that. FYI I just bought more yarn and I am working on scarf number 3 :)