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Sunday, February 20, 2005

Sweater Vest Update

The Crafty Conservative

Sugar Daddy leaves this afternoon for his first scheduled interview. It's at the University of Texas-Arlington. Out of the schools that he applied to, it's one of the lowest ranked. But, it's in a great location for us. We love the Dallas area and it's close to home (Oklahoma)...but not too close. I'm really hoping that when it comes down to accepting an offer, it will be an easy decision.

We checked the weather forecast for Arlington and it should be around 70 degrees while he is there. So, I gave up working like a maniac on the sweater vest. I could have finished if knitting was all I did last night. I have to finish the edging around the last armhole and sew on the buttons. It could also use a good blocking. So, by the time SD comes home from his interview, it should be good to go.

His next interview isn't scheduled until March 8th. That's the one at the State University of New York-Stony Brook. The dilemma with that one: it's a higher ranked university with a very serious cost of living issue. We'd have to make double whatever we get paid in Arlington to be able to have the same lifestyle. I seriously doubt that would happen. I also know the decision won't come down to just rank and cost of living either. He could only get one offer. That would make it easy. Or no offer at all. Although, I doubt that. SD is a genius with awesome research ideas and multiple funding opportunities (so he says...ha ha). He will also want to feel comfortable with the department. That's how we ended up here for grad school instead of MIT or Georgia Tech (both higher-ranked for his program). He loved his professor, we loved the area, and the price was right.

Considering the fact that I have no idea where we'll be living after this summer, I'm doing quite well. I was much more nervous about the grad school move. But, I think that was because I was trying to find my very first teaching job and was in a time crunch for a decision. This move, I can just go with the flow. I'm not going to work. I just want to find a good area to raise our kids (by then it will be PLURAL!!! YEAH!).

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  1. Of course you realize my fingers will be crossed for the UT-Arlington position. I'm selfish that way. Seriously though, I know you all will end up where you are supposed to be, and it will all be good. Wish SD good luck from us!