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Tuesday, February 15, 2005


The Crafty Conservative

I hate surprises. Wait...maybe I just don't have patience. I hate waiting for surprises. If you send me a wrapped present for Christmas and it arrives on December 1st, it will be opened on December 1st. Why wait? That's my motto. That's a big contrast to what SD has been growing up with. His dad's motto: "Delay gratification". What the heck for? I'm just as excited about my presents when I open them as I would be on the actual date. I just have more time to enjoy them if I open them early.

SD had something up his sleeve for Valentine's Day. He's been working on it for weeks. Did I mention I hate surprises? So, I've been snooping around. SD thinks that this is wrong. He wants me to just leave it alone and enjoy the *in my mind* potentially very embarrassing surprise that he is cooking up. Hello? I hate surprises.

SD had some accomplices. They kept calling and talking cryptically. One actually stopped by to drop off something that SD immediately hid. He's not too smooth, though. I know where he hid it and right after he left the house I promptly began to snoop. I found lyrics and music to Chris de Burgh's "mega" hit, "The Lady in Red". I had just purchased some lovely new red silky pj's for V-day (which I had already shown SD...because I can't wait, EVER!) and I thought that he had told his accomplices and that's what this was about. He assured me this was not the case. I later found out that it really wasn't. Good boy.

Hmmm...Lady in Red lyrics and music, at least 3 other accomplices. One hour "meeting" at the church with these accomplices. Barbershop quartet? Could that be it? I told SD that's what I thought. He denied it. But, he's as bad at lying as I am at not snooping.

Yesterday morning, SD spilled the beans. He figured I knew enough of the "surprise" anyway (I did, although they really were only hunches). His "group" was going to serenade the four wives with an arrangement of "The Lady in Red". He would need to be gone for an hour to be able to make it to all of the different houses. I told him I hate surprises and why was he doing this to me? He said it wasn't his idea but it sounded like fun and why am I such a spoil sport?

At 8:10pm last night, they arrived at the house. They began to sing. I didn't wear red. It was actually really good. They put a lot of work into it. SD did the 4 part arrangement himself (he has a real talent for that). Frog was dancing and clapping. I was cracking up at Frog's dancing (pelvic thrusts and bum, I don't know where he learned that). The song ended, quick kiss, quick goodbye, they were off to the next victim's house. I truly was impressed and I can honestly say that it wouldn't have been any better had I been truly surprised. So, really, what's the point of waiting?

*I'd like to remind everyone that my 30th birthday is April 11th. You should know that it's okay to send gifts at any time between now and then.* :)

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  1. You and DH would get along wonderfully. I was told about my Valentine's Day present as soon as he got it organized. He was too excited to wait. On the other hand, I prefer to be surprised. I will forgive him though since the surprise is a manicure, pedicure, and facial at a local day spa this Saturday.