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Friday, February 25, 2005

Here's the inside of the cap. Notice the chocolate is now gone. Mmmm. Since I've taken the pictures, I've eaten 5 pieces and 1 lollipop. I'm on a sugar high! THANK YOU SO MUCH, SP!!!!! Posted by Hello


  1. Your Secret Pal5:57 PM

    Glad you are enjoying!! My faves are the walnut ones half dipped in dark chocolate, I'll often stop by See's if I'm in the mall and just get 2 of those for the ride home. YUM, enjoy!!

    And my goodness those hats, I have in over 4 years of knitting still not gotten brave enough to do more than one color, or stripes, WOW!

  2. I really am truly floored by the gift. It was so awesome!

    About the knitting...once I finished my first sweater, I became somewhat fearless with the knitting. I figured, if I could do that, I can probably make anything else. Plus, it's not as hard to frog a hat (if necessary) as it is to frog a sweater.