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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

My new love...

The Crafty Conservative

I started making a stocking cap with a norwegian motif for my FIL. He wears caps every day and if I'm not mistaken, in the winter, he often sleeps in them. This blog entry isn't about whether or not my FIL is normal, although sometimes I seriously question whether or not that is the case. It's about how much I love knitting this cap.

I've never done a project that required color changes mid-row. This is my first one. I was worried about how to carry the yarn along the back (piece of cake!) and how it would look (almost as beautiful as the front!). I was worried about reading the chart (no problemo!) and my color selection (navy and cream). I'm worrying no longer! The hat is turning out to be absolutely gorgeous (pics to come) and I'm really enjoying the process of two color knitting. I've already started to think about tackling fair isle. It seems not so scary now.


  1. sounds beautiful, you need to post a pic so we can all drool over it. oh did you get my address for the contest... i got a failed to sender in my email box so i was wondering..and worried who i sent it to???

  2. I'm impressed with your knitting! You've only been knitting two months longer than I have, but you're much better than me, and braver too. I have yet to even try a sweater, and you've made more than one. Now you're knitting with two colors -- something I've been eager yet scared to try. You must be pretty fast to finish so many great things while also teaching and raising a son.