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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Losing More

I'm down 3 more pounds. That brings my grand total to 9. Certainly not Biggest Loser worthy, but not bad.

I'm not just losing weight, I'm losing my mind.

I think I can do everything.

I can't.

I'm going to spend this holiday weekend getting caught up on as many things as I can so I can make it through December. I'm about 60% sure I won't even be sending out Christmas cards. I'll be working in Grand Rapids, MI Dec 1-6. Then I'll be back in Chicago Dec 14-21. My January travel schedule looks as hectic (but more fun!) with a family vacation to WDW and also the Craft & Hobby Trade show in So. Cal.

I've also been spending at least 10 hours a week at the gym. I know I really need to do this and I'm (mostly) happy when I'm there.

I don't know where I'm going with this post. Another clear sign of losing my mind.

This doesn't need to be a complaining post. Because, I'm not. I just wish I didn't have to sleep. Seriously, how lucky am I?

I have an amazing career. I'm doing the things I've always wanted to do!
My family is amazingly supportive and awesome.
I have this great opportunity to participate in the BetterU makeover challenge.

Now I can just suck it up and do all the things I love!

Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. I just wanted to say - Way to go! and don't sweat the small stuff like Christmas cards.

  2. What do you do with your kids when you are traveling so much?

  3. I use Mary, my babysitter. She's awesome and is within walking distance from the school. The kids already go there 1-2 days a week when I'm home so it's not that much more when I'm traveling. I always travel over a weekend so Carl's in charge then!