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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Vacation Recap. Saturday: Goats

On Saturday morning we went down to Provo again.  We took some family pictures and afterward, I got to eat at Cafe Rio.  Yum.  I got the Pork Barbacoa Salad.  I tried both dressings but I like the cilantro one the best.  After that, we said our goodbyes to Carl's side of the family.  We had the remaining 1 1/2 days to spend visiting my side.

My cousin Katie, just turned nine.  For her birthday she wanted goats.  She got two Norwegian Dwarf (I may be totally wrong here but I think that's what they are called) goats.  She named them Elf and Rambo.  Rambo was sick when they went to pick them up so they goat farm sent over Larry as a replacement.

IMG_2229 This is when Eva and Katie decided that the goats needed to have an exercise class.  They were running around the pen yelling, "Personal exercise! Personal exercise!".  It was super cute.

IMG_2233 They posed for this picture when the class was over.  The goats weren't tired yet so they let them out of the pen and into the yard.

IMG_2242 Here you can see my uncle Jeff, my grandma, and the kids (ha ha--get it?  kids?  goats?). 

IMG_2246 I hate goats.  Even cute dwarf ones.  I went inside after this and helped my cousin, Krisen, make me some more bracelets to give out at BlogHer. 

IMG_2237 The kids continued to have a great time outside and Carl captured their awesomeness.  IMG_2250


  1. Christy, Christy, Christy... first the geese, now "Norwegian" goats?

    Those are Nigerian dwarf goats. I thought you said you grew up around animals.

  2. Well, Jeff has aged in the 18 years since I last saw him. :-)

    Yeah, the goats don't seem like animals I would want around.

  3. Wait, am I missing something? Are you in Utah? Were you? Why didn't I know and we could have gotten together, but you were probably busy anyway.