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Monday, July 20, 2009

Ford Ride & Drive Event

I'm attending an event put on by Ford in Chicago.  It is the day before BlogHer and I'm really looking forward to seeing some of the behind the scenes at Ford.  Carl got pretty jealous when I told him we get to actually go to the plant and see the factory as well as meet with some of the designers. 

One of the main reasons they are having this event is so they can pick our brains about what women really want out of a car.  Not only can I share my own opinions, but I'd love to pass on yours as well.

Here's what I want out of a car:

  • If it really is a 7 passenger car, I better be able to fit 7 ADULTs or car seats.  How can they count those super tiny seats if the only people that can actually fit in them are supposed to be in car seats and not even a car seat will fit?
  • Not too many bells & whistles.  I like innovation and technology but some things I can live without.  Lots of features (to me) = lots of things that can break.
  • Reliable. If a car has proven itself to be reliable, I'm willing to pay more for it because I know in the long run it will be worth it. 
  • Trunk space.  We were shopping for our last car when the kids were still pretty little.  I couldn't believe the majority of the cars (and vans, even!) that wouldn't fit a double stroller and a suitcase.
  • 12 Volt Power Ports (for chargers) should be in each row.  We just took a road trip and my husband had a long cord reaching from the front to our middle row so he could work on his laptop.

Is this too much to ask?

What do you want out of a car?


  1. Hi Christy!

    I like stain-resistant upholstery and carpeting in the car. Stuff that would hold up well to abuse from children. (I know I could buy seat covers, and I usually do that anyways, but when the Pepsi can expldes in the back... I want it to clean up!!!)

    I with you on the ones you mentioned.


  2. Fuel efficiency is important to me.

    I like remote key access and should be standard on family cars.

  3. I cut a secret hatch in the floor under the clutch that I can push trash through, with my foot, while driving. That way it looks like I just drove over junk that was already on the road instead of littering. I used to get SO many nasty glares when I threw stuff out my window! Not any more, take that haters!