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Friday, July 17, 2009

Hit or Miss

Traveling with my kids is a hit or miss proposition.  I'm typing this before our latest road trip (which should have happened yesterday) so I don't know how that one went.  The kids are now 4 and 6 and I can honestly say that traveling with them now is SO MUCH EASIER than when they were babies.  Or is it?

Pro: No diapers.

Con: No diapers.  If they gotta go, they gotta go!

Pro: They can buckle themselves in their seats.

Con: They can unbuckle themselves.

Pro: They can tell us exactly what they want.

Con: They can tell us exactly what they want.

Pro: They can feed themselves.

Con: They have yet to mastered cleaning up after themselves.

Do you have some of your own pros/cons about traveling with kids?


  1. I think you about summed it all up. :D

  2. Pro: They can face forward in the car.

    Con: They can get in each other's "space."

    Pro: They don't cry solid at the top of their lungs for hours!

    Con: They fight at the top of their lungs for hours!

  3. Why do you people make this so hard? One word, Benadryl.

  4. GO GAYLA! Dramamine works too. Christy and Lisa were always car sick...So for the most part they got in the car and went to sleep. We traveled all the time with our Race Horse Business. I also kept a "whip" on the dashboard. Christy loves to tell that story. It was a toy jockey whip that we got at the track...It was a toy when it got in the car..but it ended up mine for a long time :)
    Darla aka Christy's mom.

  5. Mine are 11 & 9... it gets easier and easier, as long as you have seperate DVD players, many books, and everyone has exactly the same amount of snacks/drinks, blankets/pillows, etc...

  6. I have a mental image of Christy choking down her puke, whip cocked over her head ... LOL

    Let me tell you about car sick Darla. I tried those Sea Bands and they worked wonders on the little volcano pukers. It helps to to feed them lots of strawberry licorice, it makes the clean-up much more pleasant.