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Friday, July 31, 2009

Ford Ride & Drive Event Recap


Last week I was one of 50 bloggers invited to check out the Ford plant in Chicago. We were given a tour, an opportunity to drive some of the cars, and an in depth look at some of the exciting new features that will be available soon.


I forgot to bring any socks on my trip so I was wearing heels with bare feet. By this point, my feet were bleeding and killing. I wasn't too happy. But, that's not Ford's fault. They did get me a bandaid. :)


The massaging chairs were pretty awesome. They have little bags that fill with air inside the back and butt of the chair. They are supposed to keep the blood flowing to your back and bum to keep you more alert and less sore.

IMG_2321 By the end of the day my feet were so sore, I stopped taking pictures. Here are some of the things I took away:

  • The people at Ford are very passionate about their work.
  • The safety lady tried to convince us that you could fit 3 car seats in the back of a Taurus. We didn't believe her.*
  • I gave a "WOOHOO" for the people of Nebraska when they told us they are working on making lots of their stuff out of corn.
  • You can fit a grown woman in the back of a Taurus trunk comfortably. They have a glow in the dark safety release in case children go in there to play and get stuck.
  • Cooled seats. Awesome.
  • I would buy a Lincoln MKT the day it comes out if I had the money.
  • Adaptive cruise control *will* be on the next vehicle I buy.
  • Their SYNC system is pretty snazzy but not something I felt like I had to have. Carl would hate it.
  • Park Assist isn't something I really need living in Nebraska. In Chicago? A major plus.

Want to see what other people (and me) said about their Ford experiences?

*She said that you have to have to have two front facing, one rear facing, and buy specific car seats that fit in their car. She also told me to keep my kids rear facing until they are 40 pounds. I told her that would be very uncomfortable for some 4/5 year olds since they have long legs. She said that a broken leg is better than a brain injury. If you can't tell, that part of the day was my least favorite.


  1. No doubt about the rear facing thing. I can't imagine having Elsa rear facing- there would be no way her legs would fit!

  2. Um, hello? You wouldn't get a broken'd get whines and tantrums and complaining and screaming. And if one is rear facing until 40 pounds, who the heck do you have forward facing who still need car seats? (Many families would then need 3 rear facing seats. Would those all fit?) I'm guessing this lady didn't have kids and is a total hack. But fun times!

  3. We had three car seats in the back of our Focus, which I think is smaller than a Taurus. Two boosters with a baby carrier in the middle. It sucked. Even 9 month old Steve was getting on Liz's nerves. When he flailed his little arms he could whack her in the face. The doors wouldn't completely close until I threw my rear against them. And I had to buckle all three in myself since they couldn't reach their own buckles. And that's how I embraced being a mini van mom.

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