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Thursday, July 02, 2009

Talking About Toolulu

Print Most of you know that I started a business with Deb.  It is called Toolulu and it is happily taking over my life.  I've had several people ask me just what it is we do so I thought I'd do a quick post about it here.

Toolulu is at its core a marketing company with a social media focus.  We're taking our communication/public relations backgrounds and combining it with our real world knowledge of social media.  Our work styles compliment each other and we have been able to accomplish some great things in just a few short months.

I've actually been doing this kind of consultation for a few years now.  I get asked my advice a lot by friends and family members on how to start an online business (like an Etsy shop) or how put together a blog.  I love sharing this kind of information and over the years I think I've got a lot of tips and tricks that help save people a lot of time and energy.  We're just ready to take it to the masses. 

We are doing some one on one consultations and preparing some marketing strategies for a few businesses.  In addition to that, we're teaching several classes.  So far our classes have been local but we're looking into taking them online.  We want them to be interactive and we're trying out some services to see what will work best. 

In my "spare" time I've been trying out new software, applications, and doing lots of reading.  I keep joking with Carl that I'm earning my MBA in my craft room.  I've had a goal of being able to earn a comfortable living on my own by the time both kids are in school.  I've got one more year and I feel like we're well on our way to making it happen. 

Are you ready to be Toolulu'd?

Here is the commercial part of my post.  We'd love any referrals.  Do you know any businesses or individuals that could use our services?  Could you?  Send them our way


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