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Monday, July 06, 2009

Happy Birthday, Carl!


Many of you saw this photo already on Facebook.  We were working in the yard on Friday and Carl was rocking the dark socks. 

Carl turns 33 today.  I'm making him something special that I will most surely blog about later.  He also gets a whole pie to himself. 



  1. Janet (mama)11:23 AM

    Ditto that!! I was sorting old portraits this weekend and looking at some adorable shots of "Dr. Carl" way back when. I guess I'll have to be trite and say, "My, how he's grown!"

    Happy Birthday, Carl! We love you.

  2. Happy Birthday, Carl!

    For 5 days we are the same age.

  3. Bwahaha! I'm lovin' that picture.

    My husband has the same fashion sense, and now the boys want to do the same.

  4. guys are so funny. I remember right after john and I got married he put on a pair of white or light kahki shorts on and a black long sleeved shirt. I broke down halfway through the day and had to let him know what a fashion no-no that is.

  5. Randi7:44 PM

    My 13 yr old nephew says that black socks are so cool. He had them on one day with some of those sport mesh shorts and some slip on sneakers. I thought I was just going to die with laughter. I asked what he was thinking and he said it was so cool. I looked to his Dad...he just held up his hands and said he has told him how awful it looks...but can't convince my nephew. Some day a cute girl will set him straight...maybe you better have that talk with Carl? LOL

    Happy Birthday Carl!