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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Vacation Recap. Friday: Provo/Springville

I have no pictures from this part of the vacation.  I'll distract you with more pictures from Wheeler Farm.

IMG_2222 That Zachary is one of the cutest white babies I have ever seen.

My plan was to eat at Cafe Rio on Friday but the timing of the Springville picnic made it not work out.  It was okay because I got to eat there on Saturday. 

We took some time to drive around town looking for free wifi (thanks Provo City Library) and a Church Distribution Center (thanks, BYU).  After we did all of that fun stuff (including a stop at 7-11), we went to see Carl's Grandpa Don and Marion.  They live in this great house across from BYU and the garden is spectacular.  Grandpa Don has quite the way with the flowers.  I can only imagine the spectacular we would have seen had he been in better health. 

IMG_2226 We headed out to Springville to meet up with Carl's Nelson cousins.  We had a picnic at the park.  Before they got there, my friend Robyn drove over to see me.  It was so great to see her again! 

I would have more pictures from the picnic but I was busy making friendship bracelets.  I'm pretty sure I'm the new favorite cousin.  I kept all those kids happy and busy with the embroidery floss.  It was really a lot of fun. 

Caleb was really tired and a little crabby but he did really well the whole day!  We promised him a swim at Jeff's house once we got back to the house.  We got there after dark but the kids didn't care.  They got into the pool and shivered like crazy.  Fun times. 


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