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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Universe on Speed Dial

Just this morning I posted about how I was doing all in my power to get an iPod Touch. The stars aligned and the US government decided today was the day to dump a bunch of cash-ola into our account. I took it as a sign.* I headed down to my local Target and bought it.

*For the record--Carl is about to buy a new bike and I've been asking for more than just today. It is part of my birthday present from him and any and all funds I receive for my birthday go straight back into our account for other the electric bill.


  1. lol

    What happens if (when!) you win one?!


  2. Now THAT is Super Funky Fast!

  3. Janet5:08 PM

    You're one-up on me. I'm still learning how to use my 1st gen. Touch. Now that I've seen what the 2nd gen. can do, I'm jealous.

  4. SWEEEEEEET!!!! You deserve for the planets to align! ;)

  5. Nice!

    Maybe I should stop making fun of the secret.

  6. Ooooh.... Peter got me one for Christmas. I LOVE it! I use mine for reading books a lot. And my kids play games on it. And I can look up recipes online when I forget that I wanted to start bread before I shut the computer off. And check the weather.

    It's really nice. Have fun!