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Monday, March 23, 2009

Q & A about Caleb

The last piano post generated a lot of questions in the comments.  Yet...the biggest question remains---WHAT IS THAT SONG????  

Heather:  You should ask the school what song they play in the lunchroom. They should know right?

Yes, they should know.  I called them last week to ask but nobody got back with me.  I'll try again after Spring Break.  

Aunt LoLo:  How old is he?

He turned six in January.

Sharon:  Was he playing that by ear?  Does he take lessons?

He plays everything by ear.  He takes lessons but doesn't seem to get much out of them.  I guess I shouldn't say that because he is improving.  He now knows the names of the notes (can't read music, yet) and can tell me whatever note I am playing...whether he sees it or not.  He has perfect pitch.  

Mindy-- didn't have a question, but I just wanted to say that I wouldn't expect Abel to break out the Beethoven anytime soon.  Caleb's got this splinter skill thanks to autism.  Something in his brain just makes music "click" for him.  

Anne- I'll make sure and get you and your husband tickets to his first concert!    


  1. I didn't realize that he has perfect pitch too! This kid gets more and more amazing. Add me to that concert ticket list!

  2. OK, this is going to sound crazy, but...I've NEVER EVER EVER seen a 6 year old that could play like that, and I taught piano for nearly ten years. He's got a gift. I'm sorry he's not getting much out of lessons...but he's definitely got a gift!

  3. That is an amazing gift, I can only imagine the music he fills your home with. How wonderful!