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Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Eva loves her new birthday dress. I picked out the fabric and Kelly, from refibered, made it. Make sure you check out her blog tomorrow because she's the next one to host a giveaway for Lincoln Handmade. Today you still have a chance to win ANYTHING from Chimera Crochet's shops. And Julie's St. Patrick's Day inspired giveaway is going on until tomorrow.

Dancing and Spinning

The dress is totally reversible and can be switched between front and back so there are four possible ways to wear it.

reversible farbenmix Anna

She even got a reversible purse to match! Eva is one styling girl lately.

Dancing and Spinning


  1. Those are fantastic Action Shots! I'm so glad she likes the dress and purse! Thanks for the shout out, too.


  2. Janet (Grandma)12:57 PM

    She's 100% girl! That dress is a great idea and turned out well. Did the shirts arrive in time? I hope they matched all right.

  3. OH man, your kids are lucky. That is gorgeous!