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Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Birth of Cornelius Review

I joined a group called Music Moms that offers CDs and other music information to mom bloggers in return for a review (positive or negative).  Our first CD arrived last week and it is called The Birth of Cornelius.  Corneille has such an interesting life story that helped make his music more interesting to me.

Corneille's parents are from Rwanda and after a short time in Germany, they moved back to Rwanda when Corneille was a child.  Several years later, his parents and other family members were killed in Rwanda during the genocide in 1994.  He escaped all alone to Kinshasa, and then to Germany where some of his family friends took him in.  I'm sure you can imagine that has been a big part of his life and music.  He later moved to Canada and has been a successful recording artist there with some French language music.  This is his first English language debut.  

The music is soulful R & B.  Not necessarily my favorite style, but I can certainly recognize that this guy has a great voice and a lot of talent.  I listened to the cd for the first time while I was crafting.  It was nice background music and I can imagine putting this on at night after the kids go to bed for a little mood know, music to help me pick up dried up playdough and dirty clothes.  What were you thinking?

For more information about Corneille, you can go to  

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  1. OOh I am always on the lookout for new music. Can't wait to see more reviews.