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Monday, March 30, 2009

Hoping to Adopt

I certainly know the feeling when you're ready for another baby but there are so many things out of your control.  One recommendation that was always given to us was to let everyone know that we were ready to adopt.  You just never know when a friend of a friend or a cousin's beautician or your uncle's stepsister might be looking for a family for their baby.  For this reason, I'm happy to spread the word.  

Nels and Amber are hoping to adopt #2.  


  1. Janet9:58 PM

    Boy, did I do a double take! Sorry I don't have any leads for your friend (yet).

  2. All the best of luck to your friends. I have two nephews and three nieces who were all adopted, and each of the stories of how they came into the family are unique! I've seen first-hand what a blessing adoption is, so I hope for great success for your friends!