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Monday, March 02, 2009

Cookie Status

Two or three years ago, we took the Nelson side of the family to see the church history sites here in Nebraska and western Iowa. We stopped to grab a bite to eat at a Wendy's in Council Bluffs. My brother-in-law and I were the only ones to eat hamburgers from there and we were the only ones to suffer the consequences. I haven't had a hamburger from Wendy's since.

I'm not blaming Thin Mints or the Girl Scouts for my current condition, HOWEVER, the last thing I ate before I got sick were Thin Mints. Could this be the end of my love affair with Thin Mints?


  1. Oh, say it isn't true! Those are the best!

  2. Have no fear, I've eaten *way plenty* of Thin Mints, and I'm not sick! You should be back to your thin minting in no time! Hugs! ;)

  3. Heavens to Betsy, NO! The Thin Mints are the ANSWERS to the world's problems, not the cause!

  4. Anonymous1:01 PM

    Hope you are feeling better...

  5. Randi2:52 PM

    And just how many did you eat??? LOL

  6. And I have learned that Thin Mints give pregnant people heart burn. For the love!

  7. I was just thinking yesterday that I hoped the flu wasn't going to ruin GS cookie time for you!

  8. Nah! It couldn't be the cookies. I've been eating them lately, and I haven't suffered any ill effects. Are you starting to feel better?? (I hope)

  9. Oh what a catastrophe for the Thin Mints! I don't know what I'd do!!! Hope you get feeling better soon. ;)