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Friday, March 27, 2009

Hang Out With Me, Please!

Dear friends…

I need some kids to play with my kids.  They are driving each other batty and need some fresh blood of their friends to keep them company.  The only thing we have planned tomorrow is from 9am-10am and other than that, we are free to go and do anything. 

I could have your kids play over here.  I could meet you at the Children’s Museum or Lost in Fun.  Is it too cold to go to the Omaha Zoo?  I’m certainly open for suggestions.

Eagerly awaiting your replies.




  1. Come on over. :-)

  2. Contact me via ravelry. I'm sure my little guy would love a playdate. Can be at my house or yours. Knitting might (who am I kidding) be involved.

    Just lemmie know.

  3. I'll be there in a flash. ... Oh wait, apparently I'm supposed to be snowed in of the first full weekend of spring in Oklahoma. Sorry. No can do.

    I'm not bitter. Really. ;)

  4. Wish I could...just might take a couple of days to drive there...ummmm...maybe I'll have to take a raincheck

  5. I'm booked Saturday and your booked most of Sunday aren't you?

  6. Yep, Sundays are out for us. Looks like I'm on my own tomorrow unless I want to brave a snowstorm and head down to Oklahoma.

  7. fresh blood hehe. my boyfriend is the only kid i know and he has plans :( boo

  8. Wish I'd seen this earlier, John and Leith are at the Children's Museum right now, but planning to leave there by 4 (it's 3:15ish).

    I'll call you in a few to discuss other possibilities for early evening....