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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Dress, Part Deux

I finished another dress last night before I went to bed. These dresses cost me less than $1. I ended up having to buy a little bit of elastic for the black/white dress. I used recycled elastic (from a pair of Caleb's old sweat pants that I had cut off for shorts) for the Hawaiian dress.

Eva was such a good model for me this afternoon. She had some great poses! Caleb saw us and decided that he wanted in on the action. He put on his "piggy tails" and we had to find him a twirly skirt. This is going to be some major blackmail material later.


  1. Ha ha ho ho hee hee! Caleb! Hysterical! How does he know to "cover up" his chestesses like that? Has been browsing Victoria's Secret Catalogs? Love the piggy tails. And Eva is a fabulous model as well.

  2. Janet7:06 PM

    Too funny! I like dress #2 as well.

  3. I'm lovin' Caleb's style. Serious blackmail. :)

  4. They turned out so awesome Christy! You found cute shirts to use! Fun fun fun! And yes, Eva certainly gave you some cute cute shots!

  5. Both of your models are working it.

  6. When my youngest brother was about Caleb's age he was very agreeable any time I wanted to dress him up as a girl in my skirts (he was so pretty with those blond curls that I couldn't resist, and I wanted a little sister SO badly). I only regret that my parents wouldn't let me anywhere near the camera so I didn't have any blackmail photos to show his girlfriends when he turned 16.