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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Father's Day

I bought Carl's Father's Day present last week. He doesn't read my blog so we should be safe talking about it here----just don't spill the beans, people! If he is reading...STOP NOW!

Design Mom did a post last week about DB Clay. I fell in love with their products and I hope that Carl does, too. It helps that they have a code for 50% off (kyle50) your purchase.

I think Carl has had the same wallet for his entire adult (maybe teens as well?) life. He has it filled to the brim with things that he doesn't really need in there but if he takes them out, nothing else will stay in.

I think it is time for Dr. Nelson to upgrade.

This is the one I bought for him. And, because I married a real life MacGyver, I got him this one too. Just for fun.

I hope he likes them.


  1. Is his wallet from high school neon vinyl with a velcro clasp? Because that would be awesome.

  2. I love the upgraded Wallet and I most especially Love that it is called "stampage" How appropriate for you.... Give me a call we need to plan our Nelson excursion approx arrival June 15th :)