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Saturday, May 10, 2008


I can't believe I haven't blogged yet today. It has been pretty busy. This morning I spent in my craft room and all this afternoon we went to a retirement party (for Caleb's best preschool teacher ever) and then to a graduation party (for Carl's first PhD student).

So in the past two days, I've made two bags. They are from the same pattern (charming handbag) found in Bend the Rules Sewing. Almost everything I've sewn so far has been from this book---mainly because it is the only sewing book I have with patterns not for clothes. It is full of mistakes (make sure to check out the errata) and I think I've already mentioned that I'm not the most intuitive seamstress out there but I can't complain too much because everything I've made has been pretty cute (in a beginner kind of way). So, on to the bags.

The first bag I made was this one.I got this fabric at Hancock's a while ago. I was going to make checkbook covers or coasters with it. But, the other night I was hankering to make a bag and that was the only fabric I had. I was too lazy to copy and enlarge the pattern so I just eyeballed it using the fabric dimensions and cutting the basic shape. It looked okay so I started sewing. I really love how it looks but it isn't all that functional as a bag. The opening is way too low and the bag is too long. I just didn't cut it out that great. My bad. But, I learned the basics of the construction and figured out what I would do differently the next time. It isn't as easy to reclaim fabric from a project gone awry as it is to rescue yarn...but I'm going to try! This could still become a checkbook cover or some coasters.

Last night after dinner, I ran over to Hancock's to get some more fabric. I can see now that I'm going to need to start a fabric stash! I found my favorite color and a matching print. I snatched it up along with a magnetic closure. I took care to cut it out a little more carefully and made sure that the opening was not too wide. Then, I started sewing. I had decided to add a pocket and a magnetic closure. I'm starting to get fancy, eh? Check out the inside of the bag.On the right you can see a patch of green. That is where the handle slides through. It kind of slouches up the bag when you carry it. I like that a lot. I have enough of that fabric left to try the other bag in the book (the pleated beauty handbag) so I might tackle it tomorrow night.

Good thing I have lots of episodes of Lost to catch up on! I'm only 4 seasons behind.


  1. Holy Cow! I've been "sewing" for years, and still feel comfortable just doing baby blankets and a halloween costume (that no one can look at too closely). Those look great!

    And you DO seriously need to catch up on Lost. I think it was season 3 that I almost gave up on. . .but they've redeemed themselves.

  2. Good job with the bags. I do believe you can make anything you set your mind to!

    How did Eva's campout with her Daddy go?

  3. Your bags are great, Christy! The green and pink one just pops and I love how the handles work on the inside. :)