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Thursday, May 08, 2008

Organize Your Cards!

I made this card organizer yesterday and I really enjoyed making it. I put it in my etsy shop. Details here.

I made this one using double sided designer paper for the pages. That made it a little pricey. I think I'm going to make some with plain colored paper on the inside to lower the cost and maybe make some with some cards included. We'll see.
I'm going to make one for myself. Then, I'll be really organized and everyone will get handmade cards! On time! If only I could remember to fill in all the dates.


  1. Anonymous10:49 AM

    I would make the organizer, make the cards, and then never buy the stamps for mailing them. Very cute organizer though.

  2. I love the organizer! What a great idea. My cards are all in an old shoebox - very glamorous.

  3. What a CUTE idea!!! Man Christy, you are on a roll! I love all your new ideas!

  4. That is super cute!!! What a great idea!!!

  5. Janet7:30 PM

    Boy, that looks professional. Well done.

  6. Well worth the money and and you've listed it at a very good price. Someone will LOVE having that!!!