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Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Police Recap

Sting told me (and a bunch of other people) last night that the last time The Police played Omaha was at Rosenblatt Stadium in 1982. All I could think was, WELCOME BACK!

When we got to the concert I had a ticket to unload. I found a guy looking for a single ticket so I sold it to him. Thanks, Dave from Ames, Iowa.

Our seats were in the second section at the back of the horseshoe. It really wasn't that bad. We had a pretty good view and the big screen helped.

Elvis Costello opened the show. It was so much louder than the Bon Jovi concert. Poor Carl was plugging his ears. Elvis played through some of his best known hits (I was hoping for Veronica, but no luck) but all I could think about was what would Sting be wearing? Seriously. While Elvis was singing "Alison", a guy came out on stage in black pants, a black long sleeve tee, and a black sock cap. It was STING! He sang along for that song and went back while Elvis finished his set. Wendy and I were hoping that at least he'd take off the hat when he came out with the band. After some "Peace, Love, and Understanding" (I heard it from the bathroom), it was time to gear up for the big show.

Sting brought out the big guns and had on a sleevless t-shirt not unlike the picture above. Andy Summers was rocking some pretty sweet shoes (neon green and black hi-tops) and Stewart Copeland was styling with a headband. I know all my blog readers really care about what they were wearing. Seriously.

About the show, it pretty much rocked. Would you expect anything less? As a Guitar Hero afficionada, I can say with absolute certainty that Andy Summers is an expert. He worked that whammy bar like no other. Seriously.

Stewart Copeland broke out a freakin' GONG and some really awesome chimes and cymbals for a couple songs. He was so fun to watch!

Sting, oh Sting. His voice is so amazing. It is possible for bands to sound better live than on a cd. He was working a scruffy beard which made him look kind of old. Okay, I know it isn't the 1980's anymore---but he still looks so great!

My favorite song of the night? Every Little Thing She Does is Magic. It was probably the 4th or 5th song they played and after that song I felt like I could go home completely happy. Everything else was just like a bonus.

Wendy and I are retired from concert going this least until the State Fair. Uh, hello? They do a free concert every night and we know we're going to see Styx and Boyz II Men.

Domo arigato, Motown Philly!


  1. Hey Christy - It sounds like you had a great time - so jealous I couldn't have gone. Thanks for the concert recap. I'm in for State Fair (we have to see Starship too!!!!). Did you know that Bill Cosby will be at the Orpheum next March?

  2. How fun!!!!! I would of LOVED it!!!! It sounds like you guys had a great time. I would of loved to see Elvis Costello too. What a perfect opening act. Awesome!

  3. Perfect recap! I think I'll send my blog readers right here!!

  4. Are you a scalper?!?!? :)

  5. Lauren3:19 PM

    Jealous, party of one! Glad you had such a good time!

    I'm so excited about Boys II Men!! It's good to know I'm not the only one!