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Saturday, February 16, 2008

SMART Habit Saturday

I have been doing a darn tootin' job with my habit this month. I've been making menu plans. Making a weekly menu plan and sticking to it has made my grocery shopping more enjoyable and my afternoons stress-free. Well, at least I'm not stressing about what to make for dinner.

Since my menu plans are going well, I'm starting to work on getting my magazines under control. I've torn out most of what I want to keep and have a binder to put them in. I've also cleaned out my mail station so I have room for a "filing" section. I'm feeling really good about what I've accomplished so far and have big dreams of an organized home. Could it be possible?

Have a SMART habit you want to work on? Do it here.


  1. Great job! It's hard for me to imagine an afternoon worry free about what to make for dinner. Sounds like it's working great for you! Organizing magazines is a great way to cut down on clutter. That's something I need to do myself with all of my scrappy & family fun magazines. I'm sure I could make better use of my space with one or two binders rather than a huge stack of magazines. Keep up the good work and yes, I've heard an organized home is possible - sounds like you're on the right track!

  2. GREAT JOB! I love the meal planning...WHEN I do it ahem. I do the same thing with my magazines! And yeah it's so nice to be able to just flip to what you're looking for! Esp. with recipes! Good luck being SMART this week, sounds like you're doing great!

  3. I make plans for old magazines about once a day but never follow through. You're inspiring me. Today will be the great mag purge of 08.

  4. Janet4:40 PM

    Good luck with the projects, Christy. I'm thinking along the same lines this week since we have it off. My desk and my recipes are 2 of the targets.

  5. Good Job!! I stuck to my menu plan this week too!!! Yeah!

  6. Good job! My son did my menu plan for me this last week. I just hate trying to figure out what to make that everyone will eat. Is it cheating to make pancakes ever single night?

  7. Anonymous6:09 AM

    That is awesome that you are doing so well! You should be very proud of yourself!!