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Monday, February 25, 2008

Peter Cottontail

Just in time for Easter. I made Kenny a little bunny hat last night. I think he likes it.I tied the ears with some spare blue yarn but I'm going to switch it out with some blue gingham ribbon. He's ready to go Easter egg hunting!
I made another one today to put in my etsy shop. It should be there later today.


  1. I think that is so adorable!!

  2. Love it! Couldn't find a better match--the hat and Kenny.

  3. I love that. You just made it on a whim? It's really cute and he looks great in it. I can tell he loves it!

  4. yep, on a whim. We were watching a movie and I didn't have anything "easy" started already to knit right there. I needed something that doesn't take a lot of concentration. I had the yarn and the needles I needed so I just knit it. By the time the movie was over, it was done!

    I love knitting.

  5. That is SO cute!!!

  6. Super cute. Ok, next. . .maybe a black hat with Mickey ears??

  7. I need that pattern, Christy! Is it the same one for Benjamin's bear hat?

  8. Yep, same pattern--just shorter ears.

    You just make any basic hat--decrease a little for the top of the head and then you divide the stitches up evenly and work them separately in the round for each ear using dpns. There will be a little hole in between the ears but you just sew that up with a couple of stitches. Easy peasy.