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Friday, February 08, 2008


Yesterday I decided I needed to clear out my stash and get it organized. I have way too much yarn for the space I'd like to use so I thought it was time to pare it down. There are certainly some things in there that I can part with.

Last night I went in my yarn/craft room (don't you all have rooms for your yarn?) and I was choosing some things to sell.

Then, I got distracted.

I found a bag of yarn that I had used for the Teletubbie hats. It also had some turquoise that I used to make a gift for my aunt Sharon.

Then I remembered some really cute bamboo boucle yarn that I picked up last October during our knitting guild's trick or treat swap. It would match perfectly.

It didn't take long before I had a design in my head and I started knitting.

Never mind that I had a mitten to finish, more stash to go through or laundry to do. I had to knit up that yarn right then and there.

The beginnings of a sleeve.

I'm making this a girls size five (or so) so Eva will be able to wear it next year and beyond. I got quite a bit done while watching Survivor Fan vs. Favorites and the Celebrity Apprentice.


  1. Well that is definitley one way to clean out your stash :)Knit it all up... that is so totally adorable... I saw a design/organizing show that a lady had a room o yarn and they used mailing tube painted them and organized by color o yarn and then put them into those cube type storage I think you have from previous photos. It was way cool...

  2. That look so cute. You must knit so fast you can't see the needles! Do you use the English or Continental Method?

  3. Good to hear that I'm not the only one who gets distracted into new projects despite my good intentions!

  4. Here's the cool thing...not only does the sweater look awesome, I kinda know what you're talking about now.
    And I use the Continental method, in case you were wondering.


  5. Janet4:22 PM

    In a word, ... WOW. Eva will look "so cute" in that. I can't wait to see the finished product.

    I use the continental method, don't I???

  6. teresa--I knit English.

    Melessa-welcome to the dark side!

    Janet--I don't think you knit using either English or Continental. You kind of have your own thing going for you! ;)

  7. You are SO creative - I just love those colors. And what a way to use your stash. :)