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Monday, February 11, 2008

Music Monday

I don't have my menu plan prepared for the week. I'm going to the store tonight after the kids are in bed. Caleb will be home in about 30 minutes so I wanted to hurry up and get my blogging done for today while I know I can.

You guys were NO HELP at all in helping me with my decision. Now I'm even more confused than BEFORE! Anyone else care to weigh in? I still have those half price items. I'd hate for them to not be used (but apparently not enough to use them myself).

I thought I'd fill my little blog space today with ten songs I get when I shuffle my iPod.

1. Le Tango de Roxanne from Moulin Rouge. I love that movie.
2. Too Much Time on My Hands by Styx. I rarely feel that way.
3. I Will Survive by Enrique Iglesias. True. So true.
4. Rockit by Herbie Hancock. Interesting that this should come up today. Did you see that Herbie Hancock won album of the year last night at the Grammys?
5. Living on my Own by Freddie Mercury. Not quite.
6. I'll do Anything by Jason Mraz. I love him.
7. You Should Be Dancing by the BeeGees. Should I? Really?
8. Song 2 by Blur. WOO HOO!
9. (You Drive Me) Crazy by Britney Spears. Interesting how this song has new meaning now.
10. Runaway by Bon Jovi. I am going to see them in ONE WEEK!!!!!!!

Happy Monday, everyone!


  1. I am so jealous that you get to see Bon Jovi! My husband and I went to see them on our 1st anniversary in 2001 and wanted to go see them again this year since they are going to be in Oklahoma on our anniversary. Of course, the only tickets left were on the back row of the absolute farthest section from the stage. That's no fun. There was the option of VIP tickets, but they were too much money. I hope you have a lot of fun!

  2. Britney songs make me sad now.

    I'm no help with jewelry. I like the idea of jewelry and I like it on other people but I can never figure out how to make it go with actual clothes. I can barely wear earrings and makeup.

  3. Janet7:26 PM

    I'm afraid to even look at the catalog! I know what would happen.......