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Thursday, September 21, 2006

18 Months

Eva is now 18 months old (as of Sept. 14). This probably isn't too significant to most people but for Mormons, it's the time when the kids get to go to Nursery! Our church services last 3 hours. It's broken up into three different bits but that's a long time to keep a kid occupied. The first hour is still the whole family together for the main worship service but the last two hours are classes. But, now Eva gets to go to the nursery for those 2 hours and Carl and I are able to teach our classes now without interuption! Yippee!

Eva is a really great girl and I knew she'd have no problems adjusting to nursery life. She already knew the motions to most of the songs (she can do the wise man/foolish man along with the best of them!) and is used to playing with other kids.

Today we're going to the dr. for her checkup. I'm sure everything is fine although I'm curious to find out how much she weighs now. Any guesses?

And, I couldn't resist posting this picture of Caleb. He was playing the piano when we were getting ready for church on Sunday.


  1. Yes, Nursery! Happy Happy Joy Joy! Now Mckenzie just walks in, hands her blanket to whomever, and starts playing. I'm a proud mamma.

    I'd say 24lbs.

    That is a great picture of Caleb. Was he playing...."If I were a rich girl nanananananananana.

    I don't know why, but your word verifications are always the hardest. I always have to do it two or three times. AAAHhhhh

  2. I'm guessing 22 pounds, she looks so grown up!

    Can you figure out some way to post sound clips of you little prodigy? I want to hear the maestro!

  3. Mary--I'll get to work on the sound clips. And, you have tiny kids. Mine are HUGE! Guess higher.

    Hollie-FREEDOM! Love that nursery.

  4. Anonymous11:42 AM

    Caleb has great form! He looks like a virtuoso already.

    Yay for Eva! I can't believe she's 1 1/2 already. What a big girl. I hope she stays happy in nursery and I hope you adjust well to having no excuses for not paying attention in your meetings. :)


  5. I'm guessing 29 lbs for Eva.

    I'm so happy she transistioned to nursery with no problems. It's a great day when that happens.

  6. Deanna1:01 PM

    Well I have to have to add guess my weight with Ava.... She looks about Claire's size so I am gonna say 29 pounds. I have to laugh though I cliked the photo(to make it larger) of Caleb to show Claire and she said "OH NO - HE DROPPED HIS SNACK" - She was worried about his fruit snack. Then she even said "I love music" . I was very proud since she recently got diagnosed with some speech delays and qualified for first steps.

  7. Y'all were getting closer! It's 30 lbs. She's 97th% for weight, 95th for height and head. Practically perfectly proportional in every way.

  8. Eva was so cute in nursery on Sunday, she fit right in and danced all around while we were singing!

    I need to hear Caleb play!!

  9. I LOVE those pictures! I vote with the others about hearing as well as seeing Caleb. Give them both a hug from me.

  10. Anonymous5:31 PM

    I miss you, Carl and the kids! They are so cute and getting to be toooo grown up. I'm beginning to see what a valuable asset nursery class will be!