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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

New York City!

Wednesday 9/13

Our day started bright and early in an effort to get out of the door before the kids woke up. Eva woke up all wet through her clothes just as I was getting out of the shower. I changed her and put her clothes on and she was "good to go" for Eric. We got out of there just after 7:30am or so. We drove to Princeton, NJ to catch the train and got to NYC just before 10am. We felt really lucky in Princeton. It took us a while to find a parking space at the station but as soon as we did, we went to buy our tickets, use the restroom, and as soon as we walked out onto the platform, the train came. Connie told me I should have brought a book. Oh, Connie. You underestimate my knitterly ways. I had two projects with me to work on throughout the day. Who has time to read on a train? There is knitting to be done. ;)

The ride in was great. I knit a little and I could see NYC in the distance. I saw the Empire State building. The skyline is really impressive.

One of the only things I "had" to do while I was in NYC was see the Statue of Liberty with my own eyes. This was as close as I needed to get. At least on this trip. I'm sure we'll take the kids there someday.

After that, we rode the train uptown so we could eat at Serendipity. I ate a chicken salad sandwich on Irish Soda bread and had a frozen hot chocolate (um, YUM!). Here we are tasting our treats. Check out "the shirt". I had to wear it in NYC!

I saw Madison Avenue and then we went to Central Park for a little walk. Everything I know about NYC I know from the movies. Splash, anyone? It started to sprinkle on us a bit but we were lucky to not be caught in any kind of serious rain. We also went to FAO Schwartz and bought our souvenir shirts by the park. I got a few cute ones for the kids.

Our next stop was finding a yarn shop. We ended up going to KnitNY. It has a little cafe inside. After finding that little gem of a shop in Lansdale, PA, I was less than impressed. They had some nice yarn that I'm glad I got to see in person (and for the life of me I can't remember what it was right now) but I wasn't tempted at all to buy anything. Oh, the horror!

After that little break, we headed to probably my favorite destination. Chelsea. Home of the Food Network. I should also mention that I had two celebrity sightings. Remember Rebecca from Real World Seattle? Connie didn't either. But, I saw her! Then, as soon as we walked into the Chelsea Market (home of Food Network and Oxygen), I saw BONE CRUSHER! I wish I would have said something. But, I didn't. I just told Connie, "Hey, that was Bone Crusher!" and she was like, "Who?" and I told her he was a rapper (like I'm all ghetto and knew about his music...ha ha). I only know him from Celebrity Fit Club 4. He was looking slimmer than on the show. I just think he's the sweetest guy on that season. I also saw one of the VP's from Food Network. She was the curly haired judge on The Next Food Network Star.

The Chelsea Market building is really awesome. There are great places to eat and shop (for food related stuff). I had my first cannoli and we went into the little market where I know Alton Brown has been. It's where they film all those little 30 second infomercials for The Next Food Network Star. Mary--I know you've got to be impressed with this! I bought a beautiful peach and ate it in Times Square for an after dinner treat.

I'm jumping ahead. Before we made it to Times Square, we went to Grand Central Station. At 5pm. Probably not the best timing but I got the "full effect" of the amount of people that are in the city. Observation: Approximately 1.5 million people live in Manhattan alone. That's 66,940 people per square mile. Only 1.8 million people live in the WHOLE STATE of Nebraska. That's 22 people per square mile.

We ended the day in Times Square. We got there right as it was starting to get dark so we could get the full effect of everything lit up. It was pretty impressive.

I bought some postcards and tried to find the perfect Big Apple t-shirt for Eva. Remember when she was known as Big Apple on this blog? I couldn't find one in her size. I'm sure I can somewhere online though, but it's not quite the same as having purchased it IN the Big Apple. We ate dinner at this great deli and then headed back to reality.

It was an awesome day and I'd like to thank Eric for making that possible. Maybe he'll write a post about his adventure in babysitting. I know there was poop involved. Should be a good one!


  1. That looks so fun! I need to get there soon! My brother even has an apartment about 5 minutes from Times Square. And I would have been freaking out right with you about seeing Rebecca and Bone Crusher!

  2. That is too cool, Christy. I'm glad you had such a good time!

    I'm sure Eric already knew that anytime you agree to babysit there will always be poop involved. But I'd still love to hear about his day too.

  3. That is so exciting. I guess I should try and make it out there. I think I'm about 8 hours away. I'm glad you had a fun and safe trip. I like your awesome pictures!

    Also, that Food Network place would of been so cool to see.

  4. Janet8:02 PM

    It sounds like you had a great day. The people density overwhelms me. Thanks for the stats. They put it in perspective. When we lived in Albany, we only got to NYC once, can you believe?!!

  5. YUM--frozen hot chocolate! I want one! Glad you had fun! Thanks for sharing the pics!v

  6. Touched by Food TV greatness-awesome! Thanks for the pictures!

  7. Thanks for the great travelogue. I'm so excited because I'm going to NYC next month!! Someone at work quit and I'm going to a conference in her place. I told my co-worker that I just want to see the Statue of Liberty--I don't have to go out to it, just see it. That's great that you feel the same way. I won't have quite as much time for site seeing, but some. My boys are very jealous. He-he.