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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Things I Got

A few days ago I blogged about things I want. After spending the weekend shopping, I thought I'd updated and let you know of the "things I got".

1. KIPer bags and chart keeper. I don't have them in my possession yet but I should any day now. I pretty much ordered them as soon as I published the blog.

2. Cute clothes. Now, I didn't really buy myself any cute clothes but I got a lot for the kids. On Saturday we went to the outlet malls in Gretna. I scored big time at the Carter's outlet. Yesterday we got more clothes at Sears. We even bought Carl a few more work shirts.

3. Shoes. This wasn't on my original list because I hate shopping for shoes. I don't really WANT shoes, but I needed some brown shoes that I could wear in the fall/winter. I scored some sweet Bass shoes at the outlet. Reg price $69.99. I paid $16. The ones in the link aren't the exact shoes I bought. They don't have those on their site anymore (they are discontinued--hence the very good deal) but these are really close to what I got. They are going to look really cute with all of my hand knit socks.

4. A bra. Pretty exciting, I know. I needed another one, desperately. When I had it on for the first time, Carl looked at me kind of funny like "hey, look at those". I explained my new bra and did the whole lifts and separates bit from those awesome Citicard commercials about identity theft.

5. A Chipotle burrito. I was having a hard day yesterday (in all my cramping glory--TMI? sorry) and I really wanted a burrito. Carl had to go into work for a few hours and he brought me one on the way home. MMmmm. It was the first time I ever at a whole one--I was that hungry.


  1. Things I want:
    1: A Massage! It's been two freaken years! The next girl’s weekend I am for sure going to get one.

    2: A pedicure, that last one I got you bought me for my birthday:( I'm going to save up for that girl’s weekend!

    Things I got:
    I got a Gap Outlet 5 min away. Seriously, I can walk to it! It makes me so happy just knowing it's there. I am so spoiled.

    Christy, I'm glad you got the things you wanted. You work hard, you deserve some nice things.

  2. Also, that commercial makes me laugh every time I watch it. Now, the next time I see it I will laugh harder imagining you saying, "It lifts and separates"! hahaha. By the way, that is very important in a bra and sometimes hard to find.

  3. Never underestimate the power of the push-up. Shanna