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Friday, September 15, 2006


I'm still in Philly and it's Friday! We had a small problem with some flights getting delayed so we had to stay the night again. Our bags were already checked so we just took a shuttle to a nearby crappy hotel to sleep for 6 hours. Carl might make it to work in time to teach his class today. I might have loads of boxes on our front porch (hey Lincoln people--don't steal them!). We don't look or smell too great but we're excited to get out of here this morning. Hopefully all goes well. I'm glad this crappy hotel has wireless in the lobby so I could keep my promise of updating today. I think we're going to run out of diapers in Chicago. This is going to be a miserable day, I think. I don't have any of my Optimism deodorant to help me out.


  1. Would that be Stampin' UP boxes? Yippee. . .it's going to be Christmas for you!!

  2. Oh no! Didn't you read my blog on traveling?!? Your first mistake was leaving the house, I would try to avoid that in the future. Silly, Christy!

  3. Hopefully there is a Pepsi machine near by. I'd go for the hard stuff today, no diet.

  4. What would the world be like without crappy hotels? The heck with optimism, I would totally go for the Pepsi. Maybe you could buy a cute little Philly shot glass to go with it.