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Saturday, September 09, 2006

Problem Solved?

Well, I'm going with the softer yarn and the same pattern for my scarf. It's reversible. On one side it's a rib and on the other side it's kind of bobbly. I hope my scarf pal likes it. I've never stressed so much about knitting before. But, I think I'm over it. I'm going to work on it during our trip.

The trip?

Philadelphia and one day in NYC for me.


Carl has a conference and it's a "cheap" vacation if we use his free hotel/car/per diem. Also, Eric and Connie live there (at least for a few more weeks).

When will I be back to update this lovely blog?

You probably won't see an update until 9/15 at the earliest. Unless I can get wireless somewhere. I think our hotel charges. There might be a hotspot close by, though. Who knows.

What will I see on my trip?
I plan on going to at least 2 yarn stores and I want to see the Statue of Liberty with my own eyes. And, maybe the Rocky steps. The Declaration of Independence? The Liberty Bell? Probably not. I have my priorities. ;)


  1. What am I going to do without my daily dose of Christy? Come back soon!

  2. Fun, fun, fun. I anxiously await the "blog report".

  3. Seriously, I agree with Mary. . .you need to give us a little more warning so we can be prepared.

    Give NYC a kiss for me, I've been reliving 9.11 in my head with all the special news reports.

  4. 9/15 is too long....your blog is a ritual for me.

  5. Janet (the other mom)7:18 PM